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                  Join us

                  Guangxi construction engineering group construction machinery company to welcome you

                  Guangxi  Construction Engineering Group Construction Machinery Manufacturing Co.  Ltd., referred to as the "Guangxi construction machine", Department of  Guangxi Construction Engineering Group subsidiary company. The  predecessor was founded in 1958, is China's first research and  development, production and construction elevator manufacturer of tower  crane. The  company has construction lifting equipment installation engineering  contractor qualification, steel structure engineering contractor  qualification two. The  main production of the tower crane, construction elevator hoisting and  conveying machinery, agricultural machinery such as sugarcane harvester,  hydraulic pile pressing machine, piling machinery, construction  machinery and concrete mixer concrete, while the production of  mechanical parking equipment, and to undertake the production of large  steel structure truss, steel structure workshop, overpass, installation  of steel highway bridges arch.

                  The  company has a production foundation in Yongning district and Wuming  District of Nanning City, has a CNC machining center, steel  pretreatment, laser cutting, CNC lathe, hydraulic punching, automatic  beveling, mechanical bending, welding robot, coating production line and  other processing equipment more than 1200 Taiwan (sets), the total  assets of 2 billion 226 million yuan. The existing staff of more than 1200 people, including 310 professional and technical personnel. Establishment  of a huge nationwide, extending overseas in 31 countries and 168 sales  and service outlets, more than 3000 users and a strong marketing network  service system.

                  The  main products of the company received 2 national awards, 1 provincial  and ministerial level awards, 15 awards, 24 national patents. Has  become a research and development, construction machinery and equipment  production, sales, installation, renovation, maintenance and service in  one, is China national construction machinery user committee for 11  times (twenty-five years) "product quality evaluation of national  customer satisfaction" and "customer satisfaction" and "customer  satisfaction China tower ten companies.

                  In  order to meet the needs of enterprise development, recruiting process,  design, sales, accounting and other related personnel, the company will  provide competitive salary in the industry, multi-channel fair promotion  channel, employee training system based on the occupation development,  staff quarters, canteens, provide regular health examination for  employees, in accordance with the national policy to pay five insurance  Kim, communication, sunstroke, festival, birthday cake and other welfare  subsidies, every day on Friday (40H) work, according to the provisions  of the state to enjoy legal holidays, paid annual leave, family leave,  sick leave and other holidays.

                  First, the basic conditions:

                  Law-abiding,  obey the arrangement, style decent, honest people honest, strong sense  of responsibility and team spirit, strong communication skills. Physical fitness is good, can bear hardships and stand hard work.

                  Two, apply information

                  1.  "candidates basic table", including: Name, Gender, age, working time,  professional title, full-time education, in-service education  qualifications, professional, work units, the present work, the main  study and work experience in recent years, the main performance, rewards  and punishments, self evaluation etc..

                  The  highest degree of personal identification, 2. (degree) certificate,  title or certificate of technical qualifications, certificates and other  related materials to scan or copy.

                  3. recent personal photo electronic version of the paper version or body.

                  Three, how to apply

                  1.  e-mail candidates: candidates please visit the company's website  (http://jg.hdlqjlb.com/) click the "R" column download and fill out the  "Guangxi Construction Engineering Group Construction Machinery  Manufacturing Co. Ltd. open recruitment registration form" or email Send to Gxjjrlb@163.com (e-mail mailbox named unified theme "Position + Name").

                  The 2. candidates: direct application materials to carry company labor management office.

                  3. in line with the conditions of appointment.

                  Four, contact

                  address Nanning  Pumiao town Yongning District Po Road No. 2 (Industrial Zone, eight  carp) currently have car back and forth downtown shuttle employees to  work. In  addition, 1. bus routes: take W11 directly to stand or sit under  Guangxin Road, 701 or 702 to Pumiao papermaking factory end point  station, then take from Sha Tin to the floor of the bus station, Guangxi  construction machinery. 2. directly in Sha Tin in the big Sha Tin to that floor of the bus, Guangxi construction machinery station. Website: Http://www.gxntp.com . Contact: Miss Wei Tel: 0771-2610090