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                  Address by the director

                  Dear friends, thank you for your busy schedule can pay attention to our Guangxi construction machine, hope we can soon know, work together to set sail.

                  Sixty years, the song, we changed Guangxi construction machine manufactured by construction machinery repair to construction machinery; achieved by the annual output value of more than ten million yuan to 1 billion 300 million yuan a take-off; forge a national high-tech enterprise, autonomous region research and development center, Guangxi famous brand glory.

                  Sixty years, romantic hardships, we built the machine has been adhering to the "quality comes from responsibility, integrity and create value" concept, persistence in the pioneering and innovative way, "for customers to play the heart, life", and strive to build a "development pattern of one yuan based diversified development".

                  Through the sixty years, we have experienced wind and rain, bathed in sunshine, a way to thank the friends from all walks of life never abandon. Now, at the new historical starting point, we still look forward to the battle together with friends from all walks of life. We will be the great banner of socialism ideology China characteristics holding Xi Jinping in new era, in accordance with the requirements of the development of high quality, and make the strong tower machine, elevator industry, bigger and stronger mechanical parking equipment, auxiliary building construction equipment, promote the company to develop diversified enterprises in the construction hoisting machinery as the core, Guangxi Construction Group sprint the world's top five hundred power!