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                  Party Building

                  The First and Second Party Branches of Construction Machinery Company Organizati

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                      The afternoon of November 5th, Guangxi Construction Engineering Group Construction Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Department first and second branch branch to carry out activities in the party room. Group deputy chief economist, party secretary, chairman Liang Fa, deputy secretary and Secretary of the Party committee, union leader Wang Jihong attended to ordinary Party members. Party secretary Mo Yu presided over the first organ.

                      At the meeting, Liang Fashen, entitled "how to do a good job on the production and operation of the company" of the party building work for thematic lectures from the party, "Adhere to the leadership of the party and strengthen the construction of the party is always follow the" state-owned enterprises to do the work of Party building in the new situation and grasp the company on the production and operation of the work of Party building measures both with the actual explaining. How to grasp the work of Party building, he put forward four requirements, one is to grasp the theory of learning. The two is to do a good job team and style construction. The three is to grasp the organization construction. The four is to grasp the construction of talent team. He stressed that the company party members and cadres in unison, joint efforts, and actively explore, based on the post, to tackle tough, active as, constantly stimulate endogenous power and creativity, and constantly promote the company bigger and stronger, the establishment of sixty weeks to pay tribute to the company with outstanding achievements, and make new and greater contribution for the company into the world 500 strong.

                      Special lectures, all participating members to relive the party oath and watched "Chen Zaihua serious disciplinary cases recorded warning" "Guangxi three county poverty Alleviation Office of serious disciplinary cases recorded warning" two clean audio-visual film. We have said that to take this as a warning, to further study the party constitution of Party discipline, and constantly improve the party spirit and integrity awareness, and strive to build a strong anti-corruption and the ideological line of defense against corruption, consciously do not know that the bottom line, boundary, deviant.

                      First, the second organs of Party branch in total More than 50 people attended. (Deng Tao)