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                  Party Building

                  Party Branch of Parking Equipment Branch Launches Thematic Party Day Activities

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                      Recently, parking equipment branch branch in eight carp base The theme of the party day activities of No. 8 building two floor conference room, hosted by Secretary Yang Wandong.

                      Activities mainly focus on the analysis of branch branch lead recent production management, a dangke, relive the party oath to carry out etc.. Yang Wandong first affirmed the party members in recent years for the branch development work, informed the recent production management branch.

                      In the field study, Yang Wandong gave us the "new era" Xi Jinping thought of learning Chinese socialism as the main content of the lectures, through the study of Xi Jinping in the new era, the formation of China socialism rich connotation, the basic strategy and hold high the banner of following 4 parts continued to struggle. The thought of Party Comrades political awareness has been a learning sublimation, firmly follow the party work of confidence and determination.

                      On the day of the Party branch activities, the activities are held to relive the party oath. The branch of all Party members and party activists to participate in the activities.

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